21 September 2008

Global Warming and the Pollution of Our Planet

Global Warming and the Pollution of Our Planet
A very brief comment on Global Warming and about the Pollution of our Planet
Regarding Global Warming and/or its absence

[Whatever happens will not likely affect me one way or the other. However, it is difficult to shut off my "logic machine" after a lifetime of mathematics and logics all of the time. So here are some things gathered together by me.}
There is absolutely no doubt that the glaciers in our part of the world are very rapidly disappearing.
If there is a debate about global warming, the problem is to determine if the ice in Greenland and in the Antarctic is also melting faster than one would expect.
It used to be that George Bush and those around him made "official" statements to the effect that global warming had not been demonstrated scientifically enough to be "certain"... In recent times, no such "official" pronouncements are being made. Those connected to the Bush and Cheney families and fortunes have a vested interest in NOT accepting the idea of global warming -- AND they have a huge amount of money to hire people to "prove" their point of view ... the fact they have become silent would seem to have SOME significance.
In the next while, I will put together a serious file on the topic -- the pros and cons ...
-- It won't be hard to show that the Pacific Ocean is warming up -- warmer waters move to higher and higher latitudes off BC and Alaska year by year (the salmon are seriously affection).
-- It is easy to show that the ice in the Arctic is rapidly melting (regular ships sailed through there this year for the first time ever)
-- It is easy to show that glaciers in our part of the world are rapidly melting
-- Nasa's satellite designed to carefully measure the "edges" of the ice-pack areas of Greenland, the Antarctic etc. didn't get into orbit so we do not have measurements that are as ACCURATE as we would like
-- Computer models predict that, with global warming, comes also somewhat higher levels of evaporation AND THEREFORE somewhat higher levels of precipitation in certain parts of the world, for example over the Greenland Icepack AND DOUBTLESS over Antarctica
-- For that reason we would expect INCREASED snow and ice depth in the centre of those icepacks -- in the first instance, accompanied by FASTER MELTING of the edges -- and THAT is what is happening. The result that a net INCREASE OF several billion tons of water were produced last year from melting in the Greenland area ...
-- Now the Antarctic ice sheets are collapsing -- one by one -- and even Fox News, a strong supporter for a long time of those who claimed that global warming was NOT taking place has put out the following news story with reference to the Wilkins Shelf

'And finally -- a logical comment from one who spent nearly 40 years working in mathematics and logic:
Even if global warming cannot be with absolute certainty attributed to human intervention and atmospheric pollution, it would seem logical to clean up the air we breathe simply because that IS the air we breathe, and we seem to have no other source
... and at the same time REDUCE pollution created by our automobiles and coal plants
... Logically speaking.
Every time a very important anti-global warming announcement has been made over the past five years, the scientific community comes up with some important independent "event" or with the results of one more long-term study and says once more:
"It was not at all expected that THIS would occur so quickly.
News Announcement:
Huge Antarctic Ice Sheet Collapsing – Wednesday, March 26, 2008
British Antarctic Survey researcher David Vaughan blames global warming for the Wilkins Ice Shelf collapse
Satellite images reveal that a large chunk of the Wilkins ice shelf fell into the ocean sometime around the end of February, suggesting that climate change could be causing it to disintegrate faster than scientists had predicted.
The 160-square-mile piece, about seven times the size of Manhattan, had been attached to Antarctica for hundreds, or maybe even 1,500 years.
Scientists fear that the entire Wilkins shelf, more than 6,000 square miles, could be next.
British Antarctic Survey researcher David Vaughan blamed global warming for the smaller piece's disintegration.
It seems as if the process is accelerating at an unexpected rate. So it has become a dangerous pastime for political people to make public statements contradicting the idea of global warming.

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